Unable to configure replication for VM another vm that has same instance UUID

Unable to configure replication for virtual machine "VM_name" because group _name cannot be created. Another virtual machine "VM_name" that has the same instance UUID ' already exists on protection site.

You may notice when your login into the vcenter web client  under site recovery manager select Protection group VM's (Invalid :virtual machine:'test-vm' is no longer protected)

Solution: 1) login SSH Recovery site vsphere replication Appliance. (secondary VR Appliance)  if SSH not enabled  ?

Enable SSH Just go to vcenter take console of (VRA- vSphere replication Appliance  with a/c root ,  /usr/bin/enable-sshd.sh  &  /usr/bin/enable-sshd.sh start  &  service sshd status  

2) Go to   cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.3/bin/      3) Login into DB:   ./psql -U vrmsdb

4) Just Copy this commend and past into your SSH session :     SELECT a.group_movalue AS "SECONDARY GID", b.name AS "VM Name", 'https://' || c.address || ':8043/mob/?moid=' || a.group_movalue || '&vmodl=1' AS "Link to Paste" FROM secondaryvirtualmachineentity a, virtualmachineentity b, localserverentity c WHERE a.movalue = b.movalue ORDER BY name;

Note: some reasons you may not able to paste ?  just type as it is.

Right side you can find Link to Paste.

5) Open that Link in the browser : https://vrm-IP:8043/mob/?moid=GID-58ru4n58-h374-5jf7-ghry47557&vmodl=1    (it will ask credentials just enter your secondary vcenter server administrator@vsphere.local)  does not work  VRA root password.

6)scroll down your browser find destroy  click that and  click Invoke Method  

Now your successfully removed VM from DB. now you can able to reconfigure.

Problem: Unable to protect vm due to unresolved devices. Go to Site recovery manager select protection group under VM right click & reconfigure Placeholder (change VM protection properties )select target folder where you want to keep that VM.  Thanks for reading this post.