VMware JMP Just In Time Management step by step.

VMware Horizon JMP which stands for Just-in-Time Management Platform, its start from VMware horizon 7.5 later with Enterprise Edition, that deliver just in time desktops and apps, user personalized profile, its integration of connection server, app volume server, UEM. You need to login all the servers & manage console separately before JMP server, after JMP server deploy you can manage all in one JMP console.

Image by VMWare.

How JMP Technologies Manage Virtual Desktops, Settings, and User Data.

Prerequisites for installing the JMP server.

Horizon 7.5 version or later.

App volumes 2.14 or later.

User environment manager 9.2 or later.

SQL Database with two login’s one is SQL user, another AD user authentication, both the users have db_owner permission.

VM with 4 GB RAM 4vCPU’s. Microsoft OS 2012r2 or 2016 to host the application install JMP software.

Root certificate of ADCA.pem with your internal domain name.

Export your connection server certificate with horizon.cert.pem

Installation steps: