VMware VCSA root ./ log full ?

How to clear VMware vcsa root logs is full?

Symptoms: You’re unable to login into the vcenter server (An unknown connection error occurred) or keep web services going offline or slow performance? Ssh login failed? Also immediate session timed out?
When login into vcenter application web console VAMI because the root account password expired?

KB: 2069041
This issue occurs due to a root partition is full 100% low space? Root account password expired.

To fix the issue vcsa application modify the kernel option in the GRUB boot loader to obtain a root shell.

Log in to the vCenter via ssh putty or direct console from VC.

Reboot vc and open console using the vsphere client or IE web console.
When the GRUB boot loader appears, press the SPACE bar to
Disable auto boot type P to access the appliance boot option
Enter the GRUP password (default GRUP password is vmware or enter your current password)

Select VMware vcenter server appliance using arrow key then E to edit the boot commands.

Init=/bin/bash Press enter the grub menu reappears.
Type B to start the boot process The system boots to a shell.

Then enter df-h
You will get all partitions and current disk pace usage.

Remove unwanted files from root directory audit logs files .
Cd /var/log/audit
Ls –lah
rm audit files

Hope this will be informative for you Thanks for Reading !